Group shows, this week's meeting, etc.

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Group shows, this week's meeting, etc.

Post  pin-upartistSteve on Sun Apr 20, 2008 10:25 pm

I will not be able to attend this week's meeting due to a prior commitment. Hopefully someone will be able to fill me in on the important parts.

But I do have the contact info for the owner of the Hohberger Building (this is the building we discussed at the April 2 meeting.). I will get in touch with the owner in the coming weeks, but I think we should focus on the potential Java Joe's/4th Street Theatre show. The price is right and doing that first show will be good for everyone. I have a feeling that after doing one, setting up group shows and bringing in more artists will get a whole lot easier. Very Happy Of course we should continue to seek out other potential opportunities too.

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