Online Art Gallery for Art-A-Holics

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Online Art Gallery for Art-A-Holics

Post  Admin on Thu Jul 31, 2008 10:30 am

I have have decided to start construction of the online art gallery. I think I will probably have to charge a small amount per piece entered at the start. I really did not what to do that if you have problems come up with the money let me know we can work something out I don't want to anyone to miss this opportunity. I am going to be doing are store though pay pal to start with its the cheapest way to do it. If we start getting mote business I will switch it to more of a formal store. I have not deiced how much to charge yet my first thought was like 20 buck per 10 pieces that 2 buck per art piece let me know what you guys think. I really wish I could do it for free I just would not be able to afford it.

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