About Us!!!!!

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About Us!!!!!

Post  ccmr50309 on Thu Apr 24, 2008 11:14 pm

About Art-A-Holics

Art-A-Holics is a new growing group of artists that has just developed in central Iowa. We are a bunch of artists that felt that we wanted to get our names and art out in the community. We have a wide array of different types of art, including paintings, mosaics, photography, jewelry, and digital art. We also meet as a group at least every other week.

Our goal is to collaborate with other businesses and have shows with art, music, food and wine tasting. We want to do things different to make the art scene in Des Moines more interesting and inviting. Also be more active with the community as a whole.

All of our members are up-coming artists in the Des Moines area. We want to make art more accessible to more of the population in central Iowa. By that having monthly shows at several new venues.


Thor Aschim
Steve Baier
Jon Baldwin
Joe Bales
Nancy Ferguson
Karen Gale
James Goetz
Bonnie Lowe
Stephanie Running
Jake Smith
Tim Thompson
Brad and Liberty Van Genderen

How to get involved

Want to get involved with Art-A-Holics? We are always looking for people to help sponsor our shows by letting us show in your place of business, musicians that want to get some exposure playing at one of our events, or a restaurant supplying food. In return you will get free advertising. The most important is having you come to the show and having fun looking at art.

Want to be a member

We are always looking for new members. We meet twice a month on Wednesday at the downtown library. Basically show up and then go from there. If you still have questions, feel free to contact us @ info@art-a-holics.com.

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