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Liberty and Co. Jewelry

Post  Brad_&_Liberty on Mon Apr 07, 2008 12:32 am

Liberty & Co.
PO Box 282
306 E. 6th Street
Prairie City, IA 50228

My name is Liberty Van Genderen. My company’s name is Liberty & Co. based out of my home in Prairie City, Iowa, in which I live with my husband, Brad, and three children, Kelsey, Masio, and Serenity.

I have been making jewelry for over eight years. This is a creative experience that turned into a small, part-time family business in which we participate in multiple shows around Iowa and surrounding states throughout the year. My passion is in using unique natural stone beads to make my jewelry. I also like to use my artistic side by wire-wrapping some of my beads and also incorporating beach glass into my work.

My art fits into the “jewelry” category. The sizes of my pieces are typical of other jewelry. The average price for my bracelets is $12, with a range from $10-$16. The average price for my necklaces is $32, with a range from $25-$35. All of my earrings are $6 per pair.

You can check out a view of my pieces at


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