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I'm a Leo and as such, always curious about everything. I realized at the meeting that I'm not at the same point of marketability as the rest of you so I'd like to share what I had originally told James when I responded to his ad on Craigslist.

In one of my first e-mails to him I wrote...."I consider myself more of a creative person than an artistic person and have created a massive series of what some others consider abstract art, and what others still consider to be a channeled language. Regardless of what it is, I have lots of it and little clue as to what to do with it or how. I have been looking for a partner or a collaborative artist to assist with my project. If you are curious as to what I am creating, you can view a number of them at this location. You will probably have to cut and past to get to the location, but if you can find them, feedback is always welcome."

Although that is what I wrote just a short time ago, I'd like to say further that I have some ideas as to what to do with them, but at this point in time am greatly restriced in terms of finances, cooperative equipment, reliable transportation, and energy. I survive on Social Security Disability and have extended periods of time when I consider myself a N.F.U. (Non Functional Unit). I have had people interested in my art and have given a number of pieces away (copies). Due to my disability status and dependence on medical insurance, successfully 'selling' could jeopardize my benefits in a way that could be hazardous to my health. It is because of this that I would be interested in playing more of a supportive role to the group at this point in time. My dream would be for a local celebrity to feel that the drawings are conducive to a CD cover, company logo, or a book on Tattoos or lost languages. I would do anything within my power to assist the group and its members.

By the way, a few months back I was showing a few pieces of mine at my mechanics business. I had spent so much money there on a dying car that I though I had guilted him into letting me put some drawings there, along with business cards, and a bio about looking for a partner or investor. After visiting every few weeks to change out the pictures, and having multiple conversations with him, I found out that he was a supporter of the arts and had some interesting connections. I guess I'm saying, you just don't know where a good networking opportunity might be. Carry a portfolio whenever you can or business cards that reflect your work. You just never know. This group has the capacity to do great things, I'm excited about that, and hope you'll allow me to come along for the ride.


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