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CityView Summer Arts & Entertainment Guide

Post  pin-upartistSteve on Tue May 13, 2008 3:40 pm

Hi all,

I got a call from Rebecca, the Ad Manager at CityView today.

Does anyone have an interest in placing an ad in the Summer Arts & Entertainment Guide? We can do it if we split the cost. But - the deadline to have the ad in is NEXT THURSDAY 5/22. An 1/8 page ad is $180; a 1/4 page is $335. This could be a great way to promote out group and our upcoming show. I'm willing to design the ad, get it in on time, and have the bill sent to me, but.....absolutely everyone who is participating in the show has to chip in.

With 12 people in the show, chipping in $20 each for the rent and postcards, we'll have some funds left over to start with. We can then divide up the remaining amount. The bills for these kind of ads come later - so the money isn't due until sometime in June.

Please let me know if you are strongly for or against doing this.


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